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Apr. 7th, 2017 05:21 pm
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Midnight Voyager

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Name: Midnight Voyager
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Borrowed a character meme from tumblr--leave me a prompt for one or more of these scenes and I'll write a short vignette that details that moment. Feel free to repost!

Ask me about a time my character(s):
…drank way too much.
…ran into an ex.
…lost their cool.
…went overboard shopping.
…made an unusual friend.
…won something they didn’t expect to.
…found a book they couldn’t put down.
…did something that they were really proud of.
…did something that they ended up being ashamed of.
…laughed so hard they cried.
…couldn’t stop crying.
…got dressed up for an event that they didn’t want to go to.
…fell asleep in an inappropriate place.
…kissed someone they didn’t expect to.
…got away with something.
…spent way too long lying in bed.
…had something turn out better than expected.
…couldn’t stop thinking about something (or someone).
…found a new favorite food.
…got really sick.
…had an awkward moment with family.
…had an epiphany.
…couldn’t sleep.
…tripped over their own ego.
…lost a bet.
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Character Sheet Last Updated: February 3, 2015
Name: Midnight (Middy)
Approximate Age: Looks to be mid-20s
Gender Presentation: Female.
Height: 5'2"
Build: Very athletic.
Hair: Black, far too short to be fashionable. (like in icons)
Eyes: Bright blue once, now stained peligin.
Dress Style: Wears nice mens' clothes but tailored for her non-male form. Prefers dark colors and striking contrasts.
Distinguishing Features: Ugly, haphazard weeping scar across her face. (No longer quite so weeping since she left Seeking. Scar no longer has to be kept sewn shut and has dried up, though the constant stitching has deformed the scar a bit on its own. Still ugly, but less so!) Scar from a deeply slit throat, now covered by tattoo. Presumedly six more once-weeping scars elsewhere, now covered by tattoo. Scars all down her arms, faded Eater-of-Chains scar on her right forearm, minor misc. scars elsewhere. One Hell of a tattoo from Millicent Clathermont. An ugly chunk taken out of her ear surrounded by a jigsaw of scars from stitches.
Notable Possessions: Spiked rosary, Leaf from the Silver Tree, hand-carved bone harpoon.
Manner of Speaking: Received Pronunciation, very proper accent.
General Attitude: Casual, friendly.
General Impression: She's mad, but she's useful. And she's friendly enough.

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There's nowhere like the Royal Bethlehem Hotel. Its luxury is unparalleled: its guests, beyond baroque. Lock your door, or you don't know who you might wake up in bed with.

This post is open for anyone to pay calls, leave messages, throw stones at the windows, or whatever else you like.

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